Anna Portillo is a self-taught musician and singer who has been writing songs, short stories, and poetry since childhood. She wrote her first novel, The Realms of Oneira, in 2013.  Anna spent decades exploring different genres, learning new instruments, creating choral arrangements with multiple harmonies and even dabbled with word games, crosswords, and jingles.  Her style of music is a fusion that can only be described as original, memorable, and heart felt.  These songs will take melodic twists and turns that will capture your imagination.

Anna has written children’s songs and books.  A gamer at heart, she can compose instrumentals that can custom fit any theme for a video game from the main menu to a boss level.  She has performed original songs in several festivals since the age of eleven.  She won her first songwriting competition presented by the EPA in 1993 when she wrote a song about healing and protecting the Earth.  In high school she was a member of the New York City All City Choir and was awarded several scholarships from BMG and her school.  She collaborated with several musicians and performed throughout the North East before returning to her roots of solo composition and experimentation.

Songs and Stories by Anna Portillo